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Home Ownership for Actors and Freelancers with Muretta Moss and Mitzi Marshall

Pursuing your acting goals shouldn't force you to put your life goals on hold. If you want to buy a home and you're wondering if you can do it while also pursuing an acting career, watch this interview! Realtor Muretta Moss and mortgage broker Mitzi Marshall discuss how actors and creatives can start the path to home ownership. Get rid of the starving artist mentality!

Contact Muretta Moss:
IG: @murettasellsatl
Em: [email protected]
Ph: 404.410.2777

Contact Mitzi Marshall:
IG: @mitzis5
Em: [email protected]
Ph: 404.304.9953

May 13:
"A piece of fiction about a birthday on May 13th."

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Health and Fitness Tips for Actors with Tyler Buckingham

Fitting exercise and nutrition into the weird and irregular schedules of an actor's life can be challenging. Finding a routine that works and building sustainable habits are key to living a healthier lifestyle, but it's hard when every day is a different schedule. In this interview with Tyler Buckingham, actor and personal trainer, we talk about how actors can incorporate health and fitness into their busy lives.

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