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Best Self Tape Camera in 2020? Example Auditions with 4 Cameras

What's the best self taping camera for auditions? In this video, I'll show you four self tape audition examples each recorded with a different camera. We start with my cell phone and progressively work our way up to a professional $2500 Sony A7iii. The primary goal of this test was to answer these questions:

1. Is my phone a good enough camera to self tape my auditions?
2. What are some benefits to buying a camera dedicated to self taping?
3. Does more expensive automatically mean better quality?

I think the self tape audition examples from each of the four cameras will help answer all of these questions.

Google Pixel 3 Cell Phone:...

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10 Commandments of Self Taping Auditions

Watch this video to see my 10 Commandments of Self Taping Auditions.

      1. Follow the Audition Directions
      2. Non distracting background
      3. Video should be horizontal
      4. Camera on a tripod
      5. Lens is eye level
      6. Actor is well lit
      7. Actor is louder than the reader
      8. Quiet on set
      9. Keep file sizes small
      10. Turn it in ON TIME
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