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What I Learned Acting in The Vampire Diaries

Back in 2016, I had the incredible opportunity to work on an episode of The Vampire Diaries during its final season. To date, it’s still one of the most interesting on set experiences I’ve ever had. In this post, I want to share with you a few lessons that I learned while working on The Vampire Diaries.

Lesson 1: Follow Your Instincts for the Audition

This is probably the most popular show I’ve ever worked on. It’s definitely the longest running show I’ve ever worked on. I appeared in Season 8 Episode 12. Prior to that, this show had already been running for nine and a half years and 166 episodes. It really felt like the cast and crew worked together like a...

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Los Angeles, New York, or Atlanta? A Conversation with Drama Inc

I’m really excited about today’s video because I recently interviewed four of my acting teachers here in Atlanta. The four founding partners of Drama Inc, Jason MacDonald, Catherine Dyer, Scott Poythress, and Claire Bronson.

Combined they have over 100 years of industry experience and over 220 IMDb credits. I’ve taken classes with all four of them, I’ve learned a lot from all four of them, and I think you’re going to get a lot out of our conversation because they’ve lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. So they can really speak to the differences in all three markets.

During the interview we talk about how they got to where they are,...

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Acting Tips from Oscar Winners: What I Learned Acting with Two Oscar Winning Actors

On May 11th, 2016, I arrived on the set of my very first TV show booking. I just found out the night before that I would be working with not one, but two Oscar winners in the same scene. It was going to be a crazy day. I want to share with you the three things I learned from that experience.

Working with Helen Hunt and Richard Dreyfuss

Let me set the stage for you. One day in the future, I'm going to make a separate post explaining how I actually booked this job because that is a crazy story in itself. But today, we're just going to talk about what happened on set on the day of my shoot.

The name of the show was shots fired, a dramatic mini series that aired on the Fox network in the...

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